Robotics Competition
December 7, 2004


News 4:How did this become this? It’s not easy

Lego Kit and Finished Robot

Joey Lodes: “It’s kind of hit or miss.”

News 4: It’s all part of the annual robotics competition at SIUE School of Engineering. It showcases the best and brightest high schoolers competing against SIUE freshmen who are competing as a class requirement. The goal is to create a robot from a kit. Whichever team collects the most resources, in this case, balls, wins.

Sweeper Robot

Dr. Jerry Weinberg: "It’s a bit nerve wracking once they hit that button and have to step back.”

Jerry Weinberg SIUE School of Engineering

News 4: Joey Lodes and Team 16 put in a dozen hours a week for 6 weeks to create their robot.

Joey Lodes: “Today, our performance wasn’t quite as good as I thought it should have been.”

Joey Lodes SIUE Freshman

News 4: So Team 16 lost to high schoolers. The competition is all in good fun, and every student is sharp with true leadership skills. Just listen to this Edwardsville High School senior.

Kush Patel: “I built a team where we all had our strengths and we’d combine it together to make a super team.”

Edwardsville High School Team

News 4: A super team that won their round. Jerry Weinberg with the School of Engineering also feels like a winner.

Dr. Jerry Weinberg: “It’s a great feeling. Particularly this year I’ve seen teams return from last year, which means they enjoyed it. They’re doing well, which means they learned something. So I get an incredible feeling.”

Robot and team

News 4: So are these our future scientists, NASA engineers, Boeing executives?

More High Schoolers

News 4: Well, Joey wants to be a civil engineer, just not so sure where he’ll be working. Joey Lodes: “Wherever will put up with me.”

Two robots in the arena