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The world of robotics is nearly unlimited. If you can imagine it, there is most likely somebody working on it. Robots have the ability to walk, talk and even think for themselves. Robots have been integrated into everything that we do. Robots are used to perform repetitive acts, in areas where it is too dangerous for humans, in areas where human precision isn't good enough, and even in our household as toys and appliances. Rather than give a lecture on robotics, we have assembled a list of sites to educate the public in every aspect of the field. It is our intention to show the incredible range that robots have taken. If any of the links no longer work, please feel free to send an e-mail to the webmaster. A link is provided at the bottom of this page. For a glossary of robotics terms, follow the link here provided by the University of North Texas: Robotics Glossary.

Robotics Web Sites

Robots for fun

Robots with real world applications

Robots used for research and education


Fun and Entertaining Robots

Battlebots, a popular television show involving robots destroying each other.

Aibo, a well known robotics pet dog based on artificial intelligence technology.

Robots 4 Fun specializes in supplying robots for entertainment to business events

Build your own robot

Bugsy the pet robot

Robots for toys is a company
that makes miniature robots

PurmaPaint - An online application that allows you to paint using a robot arm.

Lego Mindstorm robots that children can build for themselves



Robots performing important missions in the real world

Demining robots used to safely find landmines

Meteorbot. Searching for meteors in Antarctica

The Sojourner robot used to explore the surface of Mars

The sniffing robot, designed to sniff out harmful gases

The Cybermotion Security Robot

A sophisticated robot designed to pump gas.

Dante II, designed to explore volcanos.

Kawasaki industrialrobots



Robots used in research and education

iRobot is a company that manufactures a line of robots for education and research

The telerobot is used for remote access control of a robot arm.

Xavier - an intelligent robot at Carnegie Mellon University

MIT robotics research projects

ActivMedia Robotics, the company that makes our PeopleBot robot.

Coyote is the name of a robot that entered a competition known as the Hors d'Oeuvres Event. This competition is one of the reasons our robot was purchased in the first place. After seeing the competition that took place, the CS department at SIUE agreed to purchase its own robots for research and possible future competitions.


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