The Soda Cans will be placed randomly in the standing position along the path.
The Robot will be placed at the beginning of the path.
The Robot has to follow the path, and collect the soda cans when they are detected. The robot should then backtrack to the beginning of the line and deposit the soda cans, then start following the line again. Repeat until all the soda cans are collected and the robot can follow the path to the end. When all the cans are collected, the robot has to stop itself and turn off.
The Robot has to move at least three cans to the starting point traversing along the path in order to successfully complete the project
The Robot has to stay within the boundaries of the arena during the entire period of its operation. It also has to function autonomously without human intervention.
One winner will be declared at the end of the competition .The winner is the robot that moved the most cans to the starting point within the allotted time period of 5 minutes. If there is more than one robot that moved the same number of cans, the robot taking the least amount of time wins.