SIUE CS Dept. : Roboti.cs


Team Focus

Robotics as a Common Framework for Engineering:

  • Integrated system Mechanical and computational Circuitry to software
  • Embedded Systems
  • Requires a cross-functional team effort

Inexpensive Robot Platforms:

  • Lego Mindstorm (closed architecture)
  • Handy Board (open architecture)
  • Others

Overall Goal

Use of inexpensive robotics platforms for:

  • Design/development projects in current courses
  • Design/development projects in outreach programs
  • Cross-disciplinary curriculum
  • Cross-disciplinary research issues


How are the research activities finding their way into teaching?

Research in “Constructionism”

  • Pedagogical Theory – Seymour Papert
  • Learning happens opportunistically, while we are engaged in purposeful and meaningful construction
  • Related to Piaget’s developmental theory of “constructivism”
  • “Tinkering” similar to applying the scientific method

Teaching Advanced Concepts in Current Courses

  • Micro-controllers
  • Signal processing
  • Time and space complexity of programming
  • Intelligent agents architecture
  • Artificial intelligent programming methods
  • Compiler construction
  • Operating system development
  • Various mechanical engineering concepts
  • Integrated systems development
  • Design and project planning
  • Cross-functional team development

Current Efforts

  • Developing curriculum to integrate into current courses
  • Developing projects for outreach programs
  • Developing a grant proposal for a cross-disciplinary course with a focus on cross functional team development

Challenges of a Multidisciplinary Team

  • Registration of vocabulary & theories
       Modularity of artificial systems reduces this problem
  • Finding a common focus
       Integrated systems reduces this problem
  • Traditional Group Problems
    • Team Identity – Team Gelling
    • Communication overhead
    • Space & Time


Overcoming these problems

  • Official recognition (MPAG Program)
  • Resources (MPAG Program)
  • Name Recognition
  • Dedicated meeting place
  • Time credit
  • Electronic support for communication