SIUE CS Dept. : Roboti.cs

Autonomous Robotics Research Group

Robotics is a medium that allows a comprehensive view of an integrated engineered system. It affords a view of information processing from the microprocessor level of computing up through the application software. It provides a picture that illustrates the connection between the mechanical components of a system and the computing components. It also provides a focus for developers from different disciplines to form cross-functional teams to contribute different problem solving perspectives to a project. With the development and marketing of inexpensive robots (under $1000), the use of robotics in teaching and research has become readily accessible.

The overall goal of the Autonomous Robotics Research Group is the use of inexpensive robotics platforms in the development of a common framework for engineering disciplines. This framework includes:

  • creating new cross-disciplinary curricula,
  • creating hands-on experiences of advanced concepts taught in current courses,
  • creating programs that introduce pre-college students to engineering, and
  • exploring fundamental research issues in collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects.